GREEN PARK // 19-29 June 2015

More info on the programme strands and rationale here: here

A draft programme follows. This programme will be updated daily.

Friday 19 June 2015
Opening of Green Park
DJ Set: Thalia Raftopoulou & Blue Lagoon
Refreshments: Eleni Kalara
#1 Arbit City Group
#2 Seating (marble-construction/installation): Peggy Zali & Petros Moris

Saturday 20 June 2015
Refreshments:John Colenbrander (φαγητό)
Dig#1: Antonis Moutsopoulos “The Acropolis that is unknown to my daughter”
Dig #2 Mathaios Tsimitakis “What happened in December 2008′
Dig #3 Fotis Terzakis “For Karl Marx”
Dig #4 Steriani Tsintziloni ‘Athens: How did we get to contemporary dance’
Dig #5 Babis Baltas “Schools open to communities”
Dig #6 Ilias Papagianopoulos “For nihilism”
Refreshment #1 –music/concert: Matt Carlson (US)
Refreshment #2 –music/concert: Jonas Kocher & Ilan Manouach
Refreshment #3- music/concert: Paolo Thorsen-Nagel

Sunday 21 June 2015
Refreshments: tarzancooks (Μyrto Xanthopoulou)
18:00 μμ REPARK
#1 A guided tour to Pedion tou Areos and talk: Babis Baltas
#2 Critical Intervention: Fereniki Vatavali “The park in Elliniko airport”
#3 Critical Intervention: Constantina Theodorou “Our relation with “green”(spaces) and the Omonia square”
#4 “The garden with the sculptures”: Ephemeral sculptures and installations by Lefteris Kousalis, Athina Veloudou, Mario Pavlou, Marilia Kolibri, Dimitra Dimopoulou, Krini Dimopoulou, Nektarios Pappas, Myrto Vratsanou, Evi Kalogiropoulou, Thalia Raptopoulou, Dimitra Zervou, Kyriako Mitropoulo, Maria Louizou, Dimitri Getsi, Ioli Kavakos, Catriona Gallagher, Vassilis Papageorgiou
#5 The park inhabitants – Evi Lorentzatou, Rasid, Stefanos Handelis, Eleni Tzirtzilaki, Christina Thomopoulou
21.00 JOY and POLITICS
#1 “The diaries of nijinsky” Kostas Tsioukas, Mary Tsoni, Thanos Despotopoulos, Dora Economou
#2 ”Work(s) r us by the former collective of the erratic present Fotoromanzo manifesto’ initiated by STUDIOvisits Berlin / a collective project by Vassileia Stylianidou
Refreshments #1 – music/live: Aggelos Kyriou
Refreshnents #2 – music/live: nanotekt Stathis Xrysidis

Monday 22 June 2015
Refreshments: Hypatia Vourloumis
19:00 To be continued
Discussion with Emi Kitsali, Alexandros Kioupkiolis, Stefanos Mondelos, and Katerina Chrysanthopoulou
#1 Mariela Nestora
21.30 JOY and POLITICS
#1 “The diaries of nijinsky part II” Kostas Tsioukas, Mary Tsoni, Thanos Despotopoulos, Dora Economou
#2 A fairy tale of Aliki Vougiouklaki (Antonis Dritsis)
Screening: Erkki Kurenniemi “The future is not what it used to be” (curated by Benoît Durandin)

Τuesday 23 June 2015

#1 Eleni Portaliou “The social and enviromental movements in Athens during the last years’
#2 Akis Gavrilidis ‘we are staying in Asini’
#3 Theofilos Traboulis ‘Explaining the generation of the 1930s to my daughter’
20.30 JOY and POLITICS
#1 “A break of Joy” Anzela Delichatsios, Despina Chatzipavlidou, Katerina Klitsioti
#2 “A reading of a text by Guy Hocquenghem”Evangelia Ledaki
“Constructing a figure Part ΙΙΙ” – Vasia Paspali
#1 Screening Guy Debord ‘On the Passage of a Few Persons Through a Rather Brief Unity of Time (1959)’ and ‘Critique of Separation (1961)’ Curated by Ioannis Paraskevopoulos
#2 Trisha Brown, Early works” Curated by Alexia Sarantopoulou
Parallel durational event
21:00-01.00 REFRESHMENTS durational sound installation in the terrace of Green Park
«For Philip Guston» by Morton Feldman. Curated by Ilan Manouach and Sofia Dona (duration: 4 hours)

Wednesday 24 June 2015
Refreshments: Alexia Sarantopoulou (home-made ice-cream in the garden and siesta)
19:00 HERE AND NOW (Critical interventions) urban plans, creativity and the city
Maria Kalatzopoulou (urban planner, architect)
Pasxalis Samarinis (architect)
Nikos Anastasopoulos (architect, researcher)
Georgia Valomenou (architect)
#1 “The garden with the statues” Ephemeral sculptures and installations in the garden of Green Park (Costas Tzimoulis, Anastasia Douka, Ioanna Chatzipanigiri, Sofia Simaki, Pavlos Ioannidis, Gavril Pagonis, Aleka Karavela, John Colenbrander, Nana Saxini, Ioanna Mirka, Panos Mathaios, Tina Kotsi, Theodora Malamou, Myrto Xanthopoulou )
Parallel actions in the garden
The “Masks” from photo exhibit “Free Entry”
Performance-lecture “Pigs in the wind / 95 Β΄ ΕSSO”
#2 “The inhabitans of the park” Eleni Tzirtzilaki, Christina Thomopoulou
#3 Jοulia Strauss
21:00 JOY and POLITICS
Giannis Karlopoulos “Refreshments areas in Athens”
Μaria Sarri – “Cats in the rooftops”
Dj set – Legal Tender “music for late nights”

Thursday 25 June 2015
12:00 A day in the beach (a collective journey/action to the seaside by the public buses that depart in front of Green Park)
Refreshments: Costas Tzimoulis & Ioanna Xatzipanygiri
19:00 HERE AND NOW (Critical interventions) – Art in pubic sphere and institutions
#1 Evi Prousali
#2 Kely Diapouli
#3 Panos Giannikopoulos
#4 Gigi Argyropoulou
#5 Kostas Koutsolelos
21.00 JOY and POLITICS
#1 Micro-geographies, parallel activities co-habitation: Angelos Skourtis. Spontaneous habitation: Harikleia Hari
#2 Chloe Tzia Kolliri (A lecture for joy)
#3 Mariela Nestora, Katerina Skiada, Maria Koliopoulou
#4 “From the side of the park” Lida Dalla, Nikos Nikolakopoulos
#5 “Choreography and rights”Maria Karagianni – Pelagia Marketou
#1Music/Live: Tilemaxos Mousas and Nasia Gofa
#2 Screening: “Μαnia” (1985) by Giorgos Panousopoulos (curated by Vasia Paraskevopoulou)
Friday 26 June 2015
Refreshments: Sofia Dona & Gigi Argyropoulou
18.00 “Palait Meridien: a workshop for siesta (Giannis Grigoriadis, Fanis Kafantaris, Christina Vassilopoulou, Dimitris Theodoropoulos, Maria Tsigara, Kostas Rousakis)
19.00 HERE AND NOW (Critical Interventions) The city, the arts and the crisis
#1 Ash Bulayev
#2 Katerina Tselou
#3 Zafos Xagoraris
#4 Costis Velonis
21.00 JOY and POLITICS
#1 Growing up with left wing parents/ the kids of the old left wing (Stories, Jokes, Testimonies)
#2 “Parapono mou” (my regret)” Effi Rabsilber
#3 Vyronas Theodoropoulos
#1 music-live: TheMute
#2 music-live: Klezmer Yunan
#3 Screening: “Tragedia endogonidia” by Romeo Castellucci (curated by Alexia Sarantopoulou)

Saturday 27 June 2015
Refreshments: Rita‘s food for all – African restaurant
18.30 μμ. REPARK
# 1 Rita Lytou (a reading in the closed playground in the Pediou tou Areos)
# 2 “cricket in the park” Marilena Alizaki
# 3 “Palm trees in the park” Giorgos Nikas
# 4 “The football of Monty Python/Re-enactment” – Lisa Glauer, Sofia Bempeza, Pablo Hermann(live football match in the park)
# 5 Alekos Papadatos “Sketching and the alphabet” lecture-workshop (18.00-19.00)
#1 Zaxarias Stroufis (talk – self-publishing/poetry)
#2 Panagiotis Evangelidis
21.00 Bottom-Up
#1 Alexandros Mistriotis
21.30 JOY and POLITICS
#3 Christos Natsis “the joy of reading Hegel”
#2 Samuel Ferstl “meanwhile 2015″
DJ Set & Screening: documentary for Katerina Gogou

Sunday 28 June 2015
Refreshments: Tarzaancooks (Myrto Xanthopoulou)
19.00 REPARK
# 2 “cricket in the park” Marilena Alizaki
# 3 “Palm trees in the park” Giorgos Nikas
# 4 “The football ofMonty Python/Re-enactment” Lisa Glauer, Sofia Bempeza
Pablo Hermann (live football match in the park) – the final
# 4 “Creative Communities?”Aris Kalandidis
# 4 “Sketching and the alphabet” lecture-workshop Alekos Papadatos
#1 Errands: The cultural management of polykatoikia: tenants in Green Park
guest star: Maro Kontou
#3 music/live – liveGelly Bluber + Pina Bounce
#4 music/live Dimitris Tasenas και the Soul Vibrators

Monday 29 June 2015
Emi Kitsali, Eleni Glinou, Filipina Livitsanou, local inhabitants and others
21.00 JOY and POLITICS
#1 Mkultra (Gigi Argyropoulou, Evangeli Fili, Eleni Kalara, Maty Lucy, Faidra Xatzikonstantis)
#2 “Horse” Anastasia Douka & Constantinos Chatzinikolaou (in front of the main statue in the entrance of Pedio tou Areos)
#1 Future tellings – Dimitra Dimopoulou, Evi Kalogirou, Sofia Dona
#2 music/concert Sometimes Lament – Silent Move – Giannis Paxevanis, Vassilis Tzavaras, Erato Tzavara

Monday 29 June 2015 

In response to the political situation in Greece today Green Park postpones alll programmed activities. The space will remain open from 21.30 for meetings, public discussions, solidarity, exchanges, listening and reflection. A place to be together as we face the urgent political challenges of our times

 Wednesday 1 July 2015 
Emi Kitsali, Eleni Glinou, Filipina Livitsanou, local inhabitants and others
21.00 JOY and POLITICS
#1 Dead-end? – Gigi Argyropoulou, Evangeli Fili, Eleni Kalara, Mary Lucy, Faidra Xatzikonstantis
#2 “Horse” Anastasia Douka & Constantinos Chatzinikolaou (in front of the main statue in the entrance of Pedio tou Areos)
#1 Future tellings – Dimitra Dimopoulou, Evi Kalogiropoulou, Sofia Dona
Sunday 5 July 2015
Green Park will be open to watch together the results of the referendum
Thursday 16 July 2015
Bad Bid, Rita Mosss, Ori, Μavro gala, Last days of s.e.x., Chronovoros and more

These sections outline the general themes of the program which include actions such as music, performance, art works, installations, narrations, thoughts, discussions, screenings, poetry, theater, dance and others.

Detailed day-to-day programme here here (in greek only at the moment)


Actions, workshops, stories, installations about the park itself. Playful, theoretical, activist and artistic interventions regarding this and every park in our city. A critique on the “re-‘s” of our city!


Critique as daily practice. Critique as a response to the here and now of our city. This theme seeks to intervene on the city’s present and seeks to combine theoretical tools with specific material examples. Each presentation has an 8 minute limit. Each intervention is transcribed and uploaded daily online in order to enable an open source and open field and archive of ongoing interventions and contributions.


What is the relationship between joy and politics? When does politics enable joy? And when does joy become a political act? This theme combines hybrid forms which grapple with and articulate on these relationships with a desire for politics and joy to emerge in spaces, places and times we wouldn’t expect! Utopian narratives, variety theater, satire, political performance, new approaches to social movements and materialities etc


An opportunity to present personal and collective works, collections, designs, projects that failed, were postponed or cancelled, or were once considered unworthy.


Collective “stories” seen through personal embroilment so as to open up and critically engage with, through a type of archaeological digging, tired and worn out understandings of the Greek here and now.


During the last few years there have been widespread forms of global political and social movements including occupied squares, parks, buildings, theaters. Conversations regarding the question of continuity. Voices from different social experiments will explore new practices and proposals.


Dance circles, concerts, talent competitions, screenings, refreshments.