Programme Strands


GREEN PARK // 19-29 June 2015

These sections outline the general themes of the program which include actions such as music, performance, art works, installations, narrations, thoughts, discussions, screenings, poetry, theater, dance and others.


Actions, workshops, stories, installations about the park itself. Playful, theoretical, activist and artistic interventions regarding this and every park in our city. A critique on the “re-‘s” of our city!


Critique as daily practice. Critique as a response to the here and now of our city. This theme seeks to intervene on the city’s present and seeks to combine theoretical tools with specific material examples. Each presentation has an 8 minute limit. Each intervention is transcribed and uploaded daily online in order to enable an open source and open field and archive of ongoing interventions and contributions.


What is the relationship between joy and politics? When does politics enable joy? And when does joy become a political act? This theme combines hybrid forms which grapple with and articulate on these relationships with a desire for politics and joy to emerge in spaces, places and times we wouldn’t expect! Utopian narratives, variety theater, satire, political performance, new approaches to social movements and materialities etc


An opportunity to present personal and collective works, collections, designs, projects that failed, were postponed or cancelled, or were once considered unworthy.


Collective “stories” seen through personal embroilment so as to open up and critically engage with, through a type of archaeological digging, tired and worn out understandings of the Greek here and now.


During the last few years there have been widespread forms of global political and social movements including occupied squares, parks, buildings, theaters. Conversations regarding the question of continuity. Voices from different social experiments will explore new practices and proposals.


Dance circles, concerts, talent competitions, screenings, refreshments.